Spurthi Kolipaka

Spurthi Kolipaka

Spurthi is an engineer turned social worker and is currently a full-time WASH consultant. After graduating from TISS, Mumbai, she spent a year volunteering with various projects across India to understand community development and governance at different levels, and is happy to indulge in sharing her journey with those who want to make the switch to the development sector.

[Trigger Warning]

Tired of moving on from one horrific rape & murder story to another, she initiated #WomComMatters campaign to get a fully-functional Women’s Commission in her home State of Telangana. She strongly believes that active citizenship is at the core of ensuring proper implementation of laws/ schemes especially for securing gender justice. What started as a petition soon turned into a citizen collective with 35,000 signatures, 100+ volunteers and many partnerships with other stakeholders. The team received their victory after 30 months of relentless campaigning.

The experience led to founding Awaaz-e-Telangana, a platform to equip other passionate citizens from the State, with tools and networks to influence policy and public narrative. Four campaigns have taken birth through the first cohort all aiming at securing gender justice.

She is also an aspiring politician, CEO, documentary filmmaker and an artist. (She acknowledges that she took the quote of ‘daring greatly’ to heart!)