“Political polarization has reached new highs, evident in the inflammatory headlines that flood our Facebook feeds and the shouting matches between partisan rivals on cable news. But perhaps even more worrisome is the unwillingness to engage with the “other side” in our lives.”

~ Joan Blades and John Gable


The reason we aren’t talking to people  with vastly different beliefs than ours is because these conversations invariably turn into raging debates where each person is trying to prove they are right and the other is wrong. We have gotten so engrossed in making ourselves heard, we have forgotten to listen.


We are building a new societal muscle in people, to have a new kind of conversation with those we disagree with, not about ‘what’ they believe in, but to hear 'why' they believe what they do.

Let’s reimagine the conversation we are all having about Article 370 being scrapped in Kashmir. Instead of telling you why I think this is the right or wrong move; what you or I think the fate of Kashmiri-Muslims should be, I ask you about how it was for you growing up in a family of soldiers, in army cantonments and conflict zones. I ask you to tell me why you believe in what you do, and then proceed to tell you my story of growing up in Nepal during their civil war, and having to cross 3 army checkpoints on the way to school every day as a timid 14-year-old.


OneHeard is the series of experiential workshops we do hands-on with young people. We have developed a portfolio of multiple designs, that use Theater of the Oppressed methodologies, case-study based debates, role playing games and simulations, that take participants through the experience of making others feel heard about why they believe what they do, and, in turn being heard by others. Those that go through our experiential workshops are The Heard.

Here is what The Heard are saying about their experience during our workshops.

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